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Liquid Power Reset

This immersive 1-day experience is rooted in knowledge about the power of liquid nutrition.  

Give your body a reset and take back your health,

have more energy and gain better sleep.

  • Explore alternative medicinal plants

  • Natural remedies to soothe your nervous system

  • Do-s and don’t-s of nutrient dense liquid nutrition

When: Saturday, June 22, 2024

Where: Virtual Classroom



What You'll Take Away

Join a sisterhood to dive into this intimate group experience that is supportive of connection, growth, and holistic wellness.

What to expect

Here's what you can look forward to when you sign up for the Liquid Power Reset.


Day 1 | Workshop
Connect + Learn

Crystal shares her expert knowledge about the nutrition and healing properties of the ingredients.

This 3 hour workshop will set you up for success and teach you the principles to empower yourself for future Liquid Power Reset days.

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Day 2 | Shop, Prepare

+ Support

Sunday is a day to prepare the items you'll need for the detox and reset on Monday. It's also a time to ask questions, reach out to the group, and shop for any items you'll need the next day.


Day 3 | Liquid Reset +
accountability check-in

This is the liquid reset day, when you'll put all you learned into practice. Participants will meet for an accountability check in the evening to keep motivated, ask questions and collectively share their experience!

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How to prepare for liquid feasting

Participants are invited to start to prepare the body and mind before their liquid power reset day. Simply being mindful of choices from processed foods, added sugars and alcohol will enable a better experience and less shock and hunger on.

Participants will receive supportive prompts and messages from Crystal so they are ready to reset.

“My interest in health and wellness was the key factor in my decision to take this program and as a result gained valuable insights in helping me achieve my goals and dreams.  "

Francine Johnson 

Get inspired to refuel & revitalize

The next session is around the corner. Are you in?!

Sign up for Liquid Power Rest | June 22

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