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Workshops & Courses

Dharma Den programs are for any woman ready for change, step up her game towards happiness and health. Courses are offered throughout the year like Rituals to Rise, the Liquid Power Reset and 1:1 Coaching sessions. Explore options and read on for what you can expect.

Power Reset

Detox, boost energy and discover the healing power of liquid nutrition.

Learn about this 1-day immersive workshop
kicking off June 22nd, 2024.

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Wellness Starts Here

As your guide and accountability partner, my mission is to light the way to a balanced, energized, and fulfilled life. I am here to celebrate your journey to becoming your best self, with every step we take together at The Dharma Den.

My  Process For Holistic Coaching


My Approach

Meeting you where you are and addressing your needs is where we start. I help you uncover that you truly need to reach a sense of well-being. We focus on natural health practices and empowering you.


What To Expect

We will establish realistic, achievable goals that integrate healthy habits into various areas of your life. Covering nutrition, movement (exercise), personal growth, spirituality, habits  and relationships.


Fostering Success

Accountability check-ins, support and encouragement alongside journal-keeping, will help tracks choices; from what you eat and drink, to sleep patterns, mood, stressors, and emotions. This will help us set you up for success.

I'm ready. Let's do this.

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